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12 Nov

Hello New World

Written by Patrick Delaney
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Apple Swift LogoThe Future Of The Panda Is Swift....

Some may say I'm jumping on the bandwagon with the current flavour of the month.  Couldn't disagree more, my feeling is that Obj-C is now a language in decline, Swift is going to be the language in demand and that is exactly what I need.  I feel I have a real opportunity to get into this right at the start and develop my skills quickly.

So how are we going to get there?


Well, like most people I've been through the Swift book and been doing some significant playing in the Playground.  What a wonderful tool that Playground is!  This book is very well written and has really helped me get started.  Should be top of anyone's list to get started with the language.

A big shout out to Skip Wilson and his YouTube Channel which supplies a great set of instructional videos, these have really taken the knowledge gleaned from the book and taken it forward.  As you can see from the file listing below, Skip's videos cover the language in quite a detailed manner.  I have no hesitation in recommending this resource to anyone looking to get a handle on Swift.  I still have a whole series to go through - SpriteKit anyone?

Skip Wilson Training

I've also purchased a series of Tutorial For Xcode videos through the App Store.  These videos supplied by Bluewater Publishing LLC took me into the the wonderful world of Frameworks, taking the Swift knowledge gained from both Skip and the book into a more practical realm.  Very quickly I've been interacting with Map's, Twitter and all sorts and it's been these tutorials that have tipped me over the edge in getting serious about Swift to the exclusion of Xojo.  In a very short period of time I've been doing things with Swift that would be quite the hassle in Xojo iOS.  The image below details what tutorials the product supplies.

Bluewater Publishing Training

It's not all rosy - this is a version one product and things seem to change frequently, not necessarily a bad thing but I've been using Swift since the Beta's and more than once I've had to change what I'd learnt!  I've also run into a few hard crashes of the Playground as well.  But, all things considered, this is definitely the way forward.  What must Xojo Inc have made of things when Apple announced Swift?

So there we have it, it's all Swift for me now!

Pat Delaney

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